How to start a Youtube Channel

A guide to starting a successful Youtube channel

Understand Your Audience

In order to both maintain and grow your YouTube audience, it’s imperative that you know all about your current viewers and the overall market. You’ll want to be able to create a visual snapshot of who your average customer is.

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In truth, market research should begin long before you create your YouTube channel. The more you know about your target audience, the easier it will be to create engaging content that they’ll be interested in.

When you’re inside of your YouTube admin panel, head on over to the Analytics tab.

This is going to give you a tremendous amount of information concerning your content and the type of visitors you’re getting as well as what they are spending time watching.

On this page, you will find:

  • View Counts- the number of times your videos are being watched;
  • Average Watch Time- how long people stay on each video;
  • Revenue Generated- money earned;
  • Interaction Rate- physical engagements with content.
  • Pay close attention to the demographics section as well, because this will tell you:
  • Location in the world that your videos are being played;
  • Age range of viewers;
  • Gender of viewers.

Use this information to help your channel grow by knowing who your market is and what they want from you.

For example, make sure that your videos are being watched where you primarily offer your services. If they aren’t, then think about marketing video ideas that can help localize your content.

Depending upon the type of company you own, you’ll want to make sure that the age group and genders it’s meant for are also watching your content. If they aren’t, then come up with some new marketing videos that target these specific groups.

Once you review all the available information, head on over to the comments section on each of your videos. Take some time to see what kind of comments your videos are getting, and reply to ones that will help educate your viewers and promote your channel.

And finally, the YouTube Community profile is a fairly new feature that’s starting to become quite popular. It’s basically a timeline for you to post and interact with your followers.

This is where you’ll want to post pictures that are relative to your channel, polls that will help you understand your audience, and even some fun, engaging content.

Know Your Competition

Just like your business does in the real world, you should keep tabs on your competitors on YouTube. Not only can they help you better understand your audience, but you’ll be able to find inspiration from the successful channels in your market.

Business competition

Set some time aside each week to review a handful of top channels in your niche.

Pay attention to the videos that receive both the highest and lowest number of views. Watch them yourself and pay attention to the different elements included in the video as well as the general style.

  • What are they doing that you aren’t doing?
  • How could they improve their videos?
  • What did you personally enjoy?
  • What did you personally dislike?

All this information will help you improve, as well as shape your content so that it will likely appeal to most of your market.

Never copy someone else’s content! Just use them as a case-study and as inspiration for your own content ideas.

And just as you do for your own videos, take time to scroll through their comments. See how viewers respond, both negatively and positively. Perhaps someone has even referenced your brand in these comments.

Take notes of their descriptions and titles, what keywords they use, and see if you can apply it to your own content.