How to start a Youtube Channel

A guide to starting a successful Youtube channel

Create An Interesting Thumbnail

A thumbnail is a picture that you click on when you want to watch a video. It should clearly indicate what the video is about, even though your title and description should also reflect the topic of your video content.

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One option you have is to choose a freeze-frame from the video that you’ve uploaded.

For example, if you’re a baking company that also sells products to bake with, you might upload a video on how to bake brownies.

You can choose a freeze-frame from the video that shows you mixing the batter. YouTube automatically generates a few that they think are good ones, so this is fairly easy to do.

But the more popular option is to create a custom thumbnail and then upload it, as you can incorporate something that may not be in the video but will entice people to click on it.

This is as simple as taking a picture and using a picture editing tool, such as Photoshop, or free online editing tools like, to make it more appealing and relatable to your video.

For example, a beauty brand may want to use a custom thumbnail that features the products being used in the video hovering around a person’s face, using arrows to point where the products will be applied.

Or you can do a split-screen custom thumbnail. In the case of this beauty channel, they can use a before and after picture of what someone looks like with and without makeup, side by side.

Be sure to play around with different looks before deciding on your custom thumbnail, and make sure that it’s interesting enough that even you would click on it.